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Friday, September 15, 2023

Feather on the Moon by Phyllis A. Whitney

I picked up quite a few books at the recent Friends of the Library book sale and Feather on the Moon intrigued me. 

Phyllis A. Whitney's novel tugs at the heartstrings with the main focus on a three year old kidnapped child and her mother's quest to find her. A Several years after the kidnapping, added to the mystery is a rich old woman who is desperate to bequeath her estate to her great granddaughter, Alice, but first she must make sure that Alice is indeed part of the Radburn bloodline. There begins the battle to discover Alice, a ten year old's true identity. The wonderful setting of Vancouver Island and the beautiful Butchart Gardens make the reading even more enjoyable.

Of course, today, a DNA test would resolve the mystery by the end of the first chapter and we've lost a lot of intrigue with having so much information instantly at our fingertips, not having to use covert ways to find out information or rely on old newspaper clippings and journals to get to the truth.