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Children's Books

You can find a list of my cozy mysteries and other children's books on my Amazon Author Page.

Daisy's Lost Brother

Daisy loved her family and always helped her mom and dad. But Daisy’s brother, Tim was lazy. He wouldn’t help his family collect nuts for the winter or keep their nest clean. But one day Tim left home and Daisy wondered how her mom and dad could still love him. 

A Home for Sam

Sam didn't like cats but his dad had taught him to love everyone, even when they weren't nice to him. So when a cat fell from a tree, Sam went to rescue her and through his kindness found what he'd always wanted - a home.

The Magic of Christmas

A collection of Christmas Stories including The Christmas Angel: Despite the faded dress and graying wings, six-year-old Molly was excited when she unwrapped the angel every year and placed her on top of the tree. But this year her mom had bought a new sparkling white one. But what will happen to the angel that Molly loved?

Buzzy the Bee

When Joe, the gardener, had to leave for a few weeks, Buzzy and her friends promised to look after his garden – all except Frank, the beetle, who didn’t realize what he was giving up by being lazy and sleeping instead of helping his friends.  (Based on the parable of the five talents).