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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Learning Spanish

 Learning Spanish was on my list of goals for this year. I picked up a Spanish Coursebook at a yard sale a few years ago and had been going through the lessons. Our local library started Spanish conversation classes but that was disbanded during Covid. Since then I've found a wealth of information online, but the most help I have had is from a friend who was born in Panama and willing to meet with me once a week to help me with conversation. My advice is to expand your vocabulary first. Below are some sites that helped me. I also make notes on index cards and stick them to the fridge and bathroom mirror. The important thing is to try and learn something every day. I was mostly using Duolingo, and Danny Evans' You Tube videos, but now go through the mini courses of Spanish with Paul daily. Don't get discouraged, according to a language learning video I watched, it takes 600 hours to be fluent in Spanish, French or Italian (1 hour a day for two years)


Que Hora Es with Danny Evans

Spanish with Paul

Spanish Dictionary

Another helpful tip from the Spanish conversation class is to make flip notebooks containing verbs(see below). 

Also look for Spanish games - I've had fun with the grandkids while we all learn.