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Friday, September 24, 2021

Cure by Robin Cook

 Our local Friends of the Library recently organized a book sale and I came home with two bags of assorted books including Cure by Robin Cook. As both a doctor and a writer, Robin Cook uses his medical knowledge to produce mystery thrillers.

Cure has so many characters that a helpful list is added to the front of the book which I found myself referring to constantly while reading the first few chapters. The main character, however, is Laurie Montgomery who returns to work at the Chief Medical Examiner's Office after maternity leave. With a slow schedule, she hones in on the autopsy of a Japanese man which at first seems to be death by natural causes. Her instincts tell her not to trust the obvious and researches further, unaware of the danger to her family from several organized crime groups. Meanwhile, Ben Corey, the CEO of a biotech group trying to obtain patent control of pluripotent stem cells is searching for his Japanese researcher whom he'd brought to the U.S.A. illegally. 

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