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Friday, June 21, 2019

Corpse at the Crystal Palace by Carola Dunn

I'm always fascinated with anything that relates to the Crystal Palace because although the building was no longer there when I was growing up, I heard many stories of its magnificence and spent many hours at the park. My mother once told me that she lived close to Crystal Palace Park when the glass and metal building was destroyed by fire and balls of melted glass hit the windows of her home! It was originally built for The Great Exhibition and resembling an oversized greenhouse.
The "dinosaurs" are still there and are an odd combination as they were sculpted from what they were thought to look like based on fossils found although some of the fossils didn't belong to the same creature.

Corpse at the Crystal Palace is another Daisy Dalrymple Mystery by Carola Dunn and set in the 1920s. Daisy is a likable character, intent on finding the murderer without stepping on her husband's toes (he's with the local constabulary). All in all it was a nice cozy read.

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Note: There is a replica of the Crystal Palace in Dallas - The Infomart.

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