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Friday, June 9, 2017

That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo

Richard Russo is one of my favorite writers (I loved Empire Falls) and That Old Cape Magic didn't disappoint and another one for my favorite books of 2017 list.

From the cover:
Griffin has been tooling around for nearly a year with his father's ashes in the trunk, but his mother is very much alive and not shy about calling on his cell phone. She does so as he drives down to Cape Cod, where he and his wife, Joy, will celebrate the marriage of their daughter Laura's best friend. For Griffin this is akin to driving into the past, since he took his childhood summer vacations here, his parents' respite from the hated Midwest. . . By the end of a perfectly lovely week-end. the past has so thoroughly swamped the present that the future suddenly hangs in the balance. And when, a year later, a far more important wedding takes place, Griffin's chauffeuring two urns of ashes as he contends once more with his wife and her large unruly family.


So many books, so little time said...

Never read this author but this sounds good Ann, will need to look him up xxx

Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

Joanne said...

Russo never disappoints. Good read

TracyK said...

I have read one book by this author and I really liked it. That was quite a few years ago. I should try this book too.