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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Guide Through the Publishing Maze

You’ve finished your book and now want to get it published. Where do you start? The publishing industry is a maze of choices. Learn how to navigate through the maze, what publishing path to take and if you choose to self publish, how to format and send your book to a print on demand company for little cost.

To date I've published eleven books and am constantly asked questions about publishing. In my book A Quick Guide Through the Publishing Maze I've addressed most of those. 
The book is available in print, for Kindle and in other e-reader formats for 99c on Smashwords.com


K9friend said...

This one is right up my alley. I plan to buy a copy. Thanks, Ann!

Critter Alley

TracyK said...

I have no plans to write a book, but I imagine this will be very useful to a lot of writers out there.

L J Dogsmom said...

What a great idea. I know so many people are totally lost about what comes AFTER "the end."