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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Higher is Waiting by Tyler Perry

I haven't seen any of Tyler Perry's movies, but have come to admire him through interviews. He seems to be a calm, confident and kind man who has overcome numerous obstacles which, rather than making him bitter and resentful, has instead brought out gratefulness toward his mother and a strong faith in God. In Higher is Waiting he suggests to the reader how to stop thinking about past wrongs and live a better life (along with scripture verses).

"My childhood was a story of discouragement, belittlement, and unthinkable abuse, and yet I rose above. There was no way I could have found any kind of happiness, hope, or vision if my mother, Maxine, and my aunt Mae hadn't shown me the grace of God. . . They planted the seeds of grace, the invaluable gift of knowing God."

Today there is so much more to Tyler Perry than his popular Madea movies (the characters are based on his mother and aunt) and through the Perry Foundation his goal is to turn tragedy into triumph. His dream as a child was to get out of a poverty stricken and abusive home, make a better life for his mother, provide for her and help others. I would say that he has accomplished all of these.

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