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Monday, April 4, 2016

Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything by Nancy Martin

The first thing I noticed about the cover of Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything is that Miss Ruffles resembles my dog Rosco. She has the same personality too.
I first came across Nancy Martin's Mysteries when I read The Blackbird Sisters mystery series and Miss Ruffles is every bit as entertaining. Set in Texas, she gives the characters Texas size personas along with enormous belt buckles and big hair.

I enjoyed the book but there were a few things that didn't tie up nicely for me - spoiler alert
The kerfuffle with the rose bushes seemed to fade out and what happened with the agriculture department didn't seem to be addressed further. I wasn't sure that the feud over a rose bush was very plausible either. Ten's fiancee disappeared rather quickly which seemed odd after all the fuss that was made over wedding preparations and he seemed happy to focus his attentions on someone he had just met and didn't seem overly upset that his fiancee, whom he'd known since elementary school, had accepted a job elsewhere. I also wonder if any of the staff got any money. I would be a bit annoyed with someone who put in their will that I would get a million dollars if I followed certain criteria only to find out she hadn't died at all. I thought it was a cruel trick and very uncaring of her to treat loyal staff that way.

Rosco RIP


Mason Canyon said...

I've read some of the Blackbird Sisters books, but I didn't know about any others. The dog does look like your Rosco.

K9friend said...

Your pup looks like a sweetheart. Such beautiful eyes.

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