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Friday, January 18, 2013

Miss Julia Stands her Ground by Ann B. Ross

The Miss Julia books are new to me and I picked up Miss Julia Stands Her Ground at the local library. This is not the first book in the Miss Julia series and although it was a nice story, I found myself lost - not knowing who the characters were and how they related to each other. Two (one deceased) had the same name (father and son). This is definitely a series that it would be best to start reading at the beginning.

From the Cover:
Hoping to settle down to many happy and peaceful days together, Julia and Sam are stunned by the return of Hazel Marie's troublemaking uncle, Brother Vernon Puckett, who claims to have conclusive proof that Little Lloyd is not the son of Julia's late husband, Wesley Lloyd Springer. And furthermore, he declares that Hazel Marie has known it all along, meaning, as Julia quickly understands, that her makeshift family has been built on a pack of lies. With DNA testing as the only way to settle the matter, an exhumation of Wesley Lloyd looms as a distinct possibility--until Lillian comes to the rescue.


Joanne said...

Indeed. I have a friend who loves Miss Julia and she shared a book with me. I do think it is a series to start at the beginning and then grow with the town and characters. It's written well enough and entertaining. Miss Julia is a hoot.

Lesa said...

I started with the second book and it did take me awhile to catch up to the characters. I look forward to reading this new one.