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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Post - Chic Lit Central

Welcome to the ladies from Chick Lit Central: The Blog who have joined us today to tell us about their blog.  They have banded together to centralize a place where people can discuss chick lit books, read reviews, meet authors and win new books.

How did you get together and decide to start a blog? ( I noticed you don’t live close to each other) 
Facebook! I reconnected with Melissa P. there about 15 years after we last saw each other in person. I started the blog and then invited her to be a blogging partner shortly thereafter. I met the review associates through either Facebook or the review contest itself and I met Amy on Facebook, as well.

 Tell us a little about you.
I’m a working mom of three young kids, married and living in the DC metro area. I’m Modern Orthodox Jewish, meaning I observe Shabbat and keep Kosher but also do secular things. I’ve been an avid reader ever since I memorized books at the age of three.

Which authors inspire you?
I love new authors who manage to get it right the first time. That’s super inspiring to me for some reason. I’m also inspired by the camaraderie between authors and how they all show support for one another.

 So many genres have such fuzzy lines these days and blend into each other. What criteria do you think a chic lit novel must have?
 I agree about the fuzzy lines. There have been some novels with heavier topics that I love as much as the light and fluffy ones. I think it should feature women as the main characters and have a contemporary feel to it. A romantic element with a side of humor helps, as well. Sure, there will be outliers to those guidelines, but if I had to create the perfect chick lit novel, it would have the elements mentioned, as well as a creative plot that hasn’t been overused all that much. I loved “What Alice Forgot” because it totally fit all this criteria. Most well-known chick lit authors usually manage to get these elements in, as well.

Do you prefer to read books in print or e-books? What are your thoughts on e-books?
 Print! I will admit that I have a Kindle for PC, but that’s as far as I’ll go to get e-books. It’s daunting to read on my computer though. I still prefer the feel of a paperback or hardcover in my hands while reading. And given that I can’t use items requiring electricity on Shabbat, Kindles are out of the question anyway.

I do feel that e-books are really good for authors. It allows them to distribute their books to a wider audience and save money at the same time. There are some great deals on Kindle and Nook that couldn’t really be offered for a print version of that same novel. And who can resist a freebie?!? E-books are definitely a revolutionary promotional tool. My only worry is that they’re going to do for print books what DVDs and Blu-Rays did for VHS. I hope never to see print books disappear. I feel like Borders tanked because they weren’t offering an e-reader and that’s just not right. What does that say for small, independent booksellers?

You post many author interviews on your blog. Does one in particular stand out?
I wouldn’t say that one in particular stands out more than any other. We put a lot of thought into our questions and enjoy seeing the answers. We love getting to know the authors better, as a result. There have been times when I would send information to an author based on something they said in an interview, if it stuck out enough.

I really enjoyed doing humor month this past October and asking humor-themed questions. I cracked up at the answers. Even in any interview, if an author can share some funny stuff, I think it really enhances an interview. I love to laugh!

Be sure to hop on over to Chick Lit Central and say "hello." There's always plenty happening on their pink blog.
Thanks Melissa A. for joining us today. 


Helen Ginger said...

It's interesting that the boundary lines for chick lit keep blurring. Sometimes it seems hard to know which genre or category a book fits. Readers may not worry too much about that, but authors do.

Enjoyed the interview, Melissa and Ann.

K9friend said...

Very interesting interview. The idea of a blogging partner is a good one. Seems like it would help to keep things fresh.

Critter Alley

ShantyGirl said...

popping in to say hi, what a busy girl you have been blog, interviews, book reviews it all looks lovely and is very interesting!! can't wait to lunch with you, Cheryl and Perryn!