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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chandor Gardens

Chandor Gardens is hidden from view and only after entering the driveway at the end of West Lee Avenue in Weatherford and following the winding flagstone paths is it evident how much property Douglas Chandor landscaped. After marrying Ina Kuteman, a native of Weatherford Texas, Douglas Chandor, who was born in Warlingham, England, bought four acres of barren and rocky land interrupted with little more than an occasional cactus. Wielding picks, shovels and the help of a few well placed sticks of dynamite he constructed what is now Chandor Gardens. Chandor Gardens Douglas Chandor was formerly known as a portrait artist. Some of his most famous paintings are of the Roosevelts and Winston Churchill. His last finished painting was of Queen Elizabeth which he completed after her father, George VI’s death in February 1952 and in preparation of her coronation on June 2, 1953. Douglas Chandor did not live to see the coronation and died in January 1953. Link While the gardens are currently not as colorful as the spring and summer months, there are still many hidden gems and fountains viewed from the winding pathways. Many of the structures have an Asian theme such as the Moon Gate which symbolizes perfection. Chandor Gardens

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K9friend said...

What a beautiful place! Fascinating background, too. Thanks for sharing!