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Monday, June 1, 2009

Natchitoches - Steel Magnolias

Natchitoches has its own walk of honor on the corner of Second Street and Rue St. Denis with the cast of "Steel Magnolias" in a prominent position. Robert Harling, author of "Steel Magnolias" has his own fleur de lis on the sidewalk. Most of the locations in the film are within walking distance.

Shelby's funeral - American Cemetery, Second Street
Ouiser's House - 310 Rue Jefferson
Etenton/Steel Magnolia House - 320 Jefferson
Truvy's church - 533 Second Street
Mrs. Robeline's boarding house - 301 Rue Touline
Aunt Fern's house - 434 Second Street
Truvy's house - 453 Henry Blvd.
Clairee's house - 1950 Williams Avenue

A carriage will also take you on a guided tour around historic downtown. The carriages stop across the street from the Landing Restaurant by the riverfront.

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Joanne said...

sounds like a fun weekend and a cool place to visit. I'll have to rewatch "Steel Magnolias".