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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Unlike my writing buddies Joanne and Stacy who plunged into poetry with gusto, I had barely got my feet wet when Beth sent me an e-mail and challenged me to write a poem. "Do it now" she said "Go!"

I looked at the collage of vacation pictures over my desk, picked one out and threw a few words on to the screen. The result was Paradise Alone. Thanks for the shove Beth.

Paradise Alone

Two deckchairs
gaze across vast ocean
sun beams
twinkle on rolling waves
swim in jet streams
palm fronds
sway amid tropical breeze

forlorn against white sand


Being Beth said...

LOL, you're welcome. We both wrote poems that week if I remember correctly, both of them darn good for non-poetic type writers. I do love this poem, and even without seeing the actual photo, your poem conjures up just that scene. Glad you posted it for all to enjoy, Ann.

Helen Ginger said...

That one made me want to be on the beach.

I don't write poetry (haven't since college), but recently at a group of writer friends gathering, we were told to bring a love poem. I ended up getting out an old Romance Writers Phrase Book, copying down about 12 random phrases from the book and, voila, I had a poem.

Joanne said...

Ann - you have a way with words that is poetic in your own way. That's what makes it fun.
Great pic and poem. We should have more poem challenges!