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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Crown

The Crown is now available on Netflix and I've really enjoyed the in depth look into the royal family but have been a little confused about Lord Mountbatten. His previous family name was Battenberg but he changed it to Mountbatten before WWI, when he joined the British Royal Navy, to a more English name and to avoid being associated with his connections as a German Prince.  The confusion lies with his relationship to the British Royal Family. Prince Charles had always referred to him as his Uncle.

Actually, Lord Louis Mountbatten was Prince Phillip's uncle and the great-grandchild of Queen Victoria. Both Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth are related to Queen Victoria.

His story as  the last Viceroy of India is covered in The Viceroy's House during the time when he thought he could unite India during their independence but instead it was partitioned and separated as India and Pakistan and caused the migration of over 10 million people.

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Joanne said...

thanks for the lesson. That helped a bunch. And the show is excellent. My father just started watching it and is enjoying it immensely