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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Little French Bistro by Nina George

I am a little confused regarding the titles of Nina George's novels. Just as The Little Paris Bookshop was not about a bookshop in Paris (it was a travelling barge), the Little French Bistro is not about a bistro - its a woman's journey trying to find a life for herself away from a domineering husband. I think the Italian cover with a lone woman walking on the beach is a better description of the story.

From the cover:
Marianne is stuck in a loveless, unhappy marriage. After forty-one years, she has reached her limit, and one evening in Paris she decides to take action. Following a dramatic moment on the banks of the Seine, Marianne leaves her life behind and sets out for the coast. She finds herself in Brittany, the northwestern part of France.
There, Marianne is swept up by a new life at Ar Mor restaurant. She meets Yann, the handsome painter; Genevieve, the fiery restaurant owner; Jean-Remy, the heartbroken chef; and many others. Among food, music and laughter; Marianne finds a forgotten version of herself - passionate, carefree and powerful. That is until her past comes calling, and when it does, Marianne is left with a choice: to return to the known or cast it aside for the future.

The Little French Bistro international covers

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Linda said...

I recently read The Little Paris Bookshop. I thought it was excellent and will be reading more of Nina George’s books. This new one sounds intriguing!