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Friday, December 9, 2016

Grace Sees Red by Julie Hyzy

Grace Sees Red by Cozy Mystery Author Julie Hyzy was a good read, but this is the seventh book in the Manor House Mystery series and I had trouble relating to the characters. I think this would have been more enjoyable if I'd started at the beginning.

From the cover:
Grace Wheaton, curator and manager of Marshfield Manor, and her benefactor, Bennett Marshfield, are discussing how to help Grace's roommates Bruce and Scott with their wine shop troubles when her trusted assistant, Frances calls, saying she needs some assistance of her own. Arriving at the address Frances has given them, they find a coroner's van and police cars parked outside an upscale assisted living facility.


Stormi Johnson said...

I have listened to the first three and really enjoyed them. Your problem is the reason I just can't start a cozy or well any series in the middle and why so many first books in a series are on my TBR pile...lol.

K9friend said...

Sounds interesting, for some future date. My current stack of books has gotten frighteningly tall.