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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Street Lawyer by John Grisham

The Street Lawyer by John Grisham gives us a behind the scenes glimpse into a large Washington D.C. law firm and compares it to the Street Lawyers who defend the homeless. Having worked for many law firms, big and small, I know first hand that greed isn't only for the big law firms. The lawyers at small ones have just as much disdain for those who work for them and the clients who pay their exorbitant bills with only billable hours being the top priority. One attorney told me if he thinks of a client/case while he's in the shower, he bills them!
What we don't hear about are the many lawyers, like Mordecai Green, who work tirelessly for little pay to help those less fortunate.

From the cover:
Michael Brock is billing the hours, making the money rushing relentlessly to the top of Drake & Sweeney, a giant D.C. law firm. One step away from partnership, Michael has it all. Then in an instant it all comes undone.
A homeless man takes nine lawyers hostage in the firm's plush offices. . . Rediscovering a conscience he lost long ago, Michael is leaving the big time for the streets where his attacker once lived - and where society's powerless need an advocate for justice. 

Although Washington D.C isn't technically a state, I added it to the end of my 50 State Reading Challenge.

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Joanne said...

Grisham knows how to give his readers a taut tale