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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Leave No Stone Unturned by Jeanne Glidewell

While searching for a book set in Kansas (for the 50 State Reading Challenge) I found Leave No Stone Unturned by Jeanne Glidewell. Actually, although the main character hails from Kansas, most of the story is set in New York.

From the cover:
While volunteering at the local library, middle-aged Kansas widow Lexie Starr happens across an article about the unsolved murder of Eliza Pitt, former wife of police academy student Clayton Pitt - likely the same Clayton Pitt who is her newly acquired son-in-law. Lexie can't stand by and let her daughter, Wendy, become his next victim . . . so Lexie decides to travel to Schenectady, New York to investigate the cold case.

My thoughts:
spoiler alert -
I thought it was a good story but most of it was a bit far fetched. Lexie seems to develop deep relationships quickly: The grouchy proprietor from the bed and breakfast establishment; Stone, someone she was purchasing jewelry from via telephone (which was never discussed when she finally met him) and quickly he becomes a romantic interest; then the nephew who shows up conveniently and happens to be a pilot just when they need one. I thought the cover was a bit odd too.

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K9friend said...

Oh, my! I've never seen a cover quite like that one.

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