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Friday, May 13, 2016

Murder She Wrote - a Fatal Feast by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

The Murder She Wrote series books need no introduction. They are true cozy mysteries, one you want to cozy up with (along with a cup of tea). Of course, we already have an image of the main character - Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury).
I chose the book for its setting in Maine as part of the 50 State Reading Challenge.

A Fatal Feast - From the Cover
I squinted to see what had captured his attention. Something in the grass now glistened in the moonlight, tiny specks of brilliance twinkling like earthbound stars.
It wasn't until I was ten feet from it that I recognized what it was.
The hilt of Seth's knife.
The elaborately crafted carving knife protruded from a body - a man's body from the glimpse I saw of his clothes . . .

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