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Friday, March 25, 2016

Upstream by Melissa Lion

Upstream by Melissa Lion is a young adult book. It's set in Alaska and I was surprised to learn that Ms. Lion doesn't live in Alaska because she captured life and descriptions beautifully and sets the reader firmly on the frozen tundra.
Although the book was short at under 150 pages, she packed a lot in. After witnessing a tragic accident, the main character, Martha has trouble coping and distances herself from people she knows. I won't say more than that as it might spoil the story. Along with an intriguing tale, are tidbits about Alaska. I had never heard of Turnagain Arm or the Bore Tide which is one of the largest in the world. Nor did I know that Alaskans receive Alaska Permanent Fund Checks each year, based on oil revenue.
If you're looking for a book set in Alaska for the 50 State Reading Challenge this would be a good choice.
I was fortunate to find the book at my library on the Friends of the Library shelf where all books are ten cents - a bargain.

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K9friend said...

Alaska looks like such a beautiful place. May have to check this one out.

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