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Friday, December 11, 2015

Nora, Nora by Anne Rivers Siddons

Anne Rivers Siddons has a wonderful writing style and draws the reader into her fictional world. In Nora, Nora we are introduced to Peyton who lives with her father and he allows his sister-in-law Augusta to teach his daughter southern ways. At twelve years old, Peyton isn't ready to grow up into a southern woman and it isn't until her cousin Nora arrives that she learns more about the town of Lytton, Georgia and her family than she might perhaps have liked to remain ignorant to.

My thoughts: I liked the story, although at over 400 pages I felt it could have been condensed somewhat. Seeing southern life through the eyes of a twelve year old gives more insight than perhaps from an adult point of view. I did feel the story ended abruptly and didn't go in a direction I had anticipated, I would have preferred that Peyton and her father found a way to mend their relationship without chasing the outside influences that brought them back together emotionally. I won't say more otherwise it will spoil the ending for those who want to read it.

From the cover:
At twelve, Peyton McKenzie isn't ready to share her widowed father with anyone, let alone Nora, her redheaded, cigarette smoking cousin who just rolled into town behind the wheel of a pink Thunderbird. But her father seems to like Nora, and she does make for good  conversation at the Losers Club, and prim Aunt Augusta hates her, which means she can't be all bad. In fact, maybe Nora is just what Quiet Lytton, Georgia needs this summer.

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Joanne said...

I've seen Anne River Siddons books around forever, but don't know that I've read any. This sounds good