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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Raising Positive Kids by Zig Ziglar

I found Zig Ziglar's book Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World at a YMCA book sale. Although the book is a bit outdated (he recommends watching the Cosby Show as a good traditional family value show) he has lots of advice for raising positive kids.
His kids jump in at the end of the book with things that could have been done differently and things he and his wife did right.
They didn't like their parents saying "no" and not giving a reason. They felt decisions to relocate did not take into account how it affected the children (he admits some moves could have been avoided). Financial difficulties were glossed over which caused worry for the children when they didn't understand if what they had overheard meant they would lose everything.
On the positive side, they appreciated being taught right from wrong, that their parents did not use improper language. They were taught courteous responses and to respect their elders and take personal responsibility.
Above all, Zig Ziglar tells parents to be aware of the example they are setting for children. Telling children to lie for them (asking them to say you are not at home when someone calls when you are) will teach the children to lie to their parents.
There's lots of good advice for raising children to be positive adults and learn how to be successful.

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Mason Canyon said...

The challenges parents face raising children in our society today is sometimes scary. This sounds like a good book to have on hand.