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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One Nation by Ben Carson

I'm continuing my quest to find out more about candidates involved in our next election. I read Ben Carson's book Gifted Hands many years ago and have been intrigued by his success, moving from a Detroit neighborhood in a family with a single mother who could not read, to one of the top neurosurgeons in the country.
I came across One Nation at our local library. As with the people who influenced America as a new country, Ben Carson uses wisdom of the bible to make decisions, but he is quick to point out that although there are divisions between those who believe in God and those who are atheists we should respect each other and try to find common ground. He wants to find a way to unify our country and to return to the U.S. Constitution as the dominant document of government rather than having a pendulum that swings dramatically to the right or to the left. He wishes that people would vote for a candidate rather than a particular party - choose someone with a clear vision.

"Unless the majority of Americans awaken from their complacency and recognize the threat to their fundamental individual liberties imposed by continued expansion of the federal government, nothing will save us from the fate of all pinnacle nations that have preceded us, those that tolerated political and moral corruption while ignoring fiscal irresponsibility."

He also encourages us to look at the picture from another person's point of view, forget political correctness and talk to people who are of different races, religions, or lifestyles.


Mason Canyon said...

I have read interesting things about this book and the man himself. He has an inspiring story no doubt. I like the different point of view he offers.

Linda said...

I am a big fan of Dr. Carson!