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Friday, September 11, 2015

Dancing at the Harvest Moon by K.C. McKinnon

I picked this book up at a recent Friends of the Library book sale and came home with an armful of books.

K.C. McKinnon is a pseudonym of Cathie Pelletier who wrote two novels under the name. The setting is a lake in Canada and along with the lovely descriptions, there are beautiful charcoal drawings at the beginning of each chapter. I enjoyed the book for the prose, but I wasn't overly keen on the story line. I couldn't understand why Maggie would leave Robbie in the first place, if she cared so much for him and she seemed to be trying to recreate him in someone else. (I won't say more than that as it will spoil the story for those who read it).

From the cover:
His letters thrilled her as a young woman in love for the first time, and now, many years later, they mean more than ever to Maggie McIntyre. After her husband of twenty years leaves her for a younger woman, it's the discovery of Robbie's letters that gives Maggie a renewed sense of purpose: to return to Little Bear Lake and recapture the woman she once was. . .

Apparently the book was made into a movie with mixed reviews.

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Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I especially like the cover.