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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Winter Sea by Di Morrissey

The Winter Sea by Di Morrissey is a combination of two stories. One present day and the other nearly 100 years previously.

From the Cover:
Cassie Holloway is not content. She's stuck in an unhappy marriage and an unsatisfactory job. Longing for an escape, she moves to the little Australian coastal town of Whitby Point. There she meets the Aquino family, whose fishing business was founded by their ancestor, Giuseppe, an Italian immigrant, some ninety years before. Life for Cassie on the southwest coast turns sweet as she sets up a successful restaurant and finds an intriguing new love. But when the Aquino family patriarch dies, a devastating secret is revealed that threatens to destroy her dreams. Cassie's future happiness now resets with her quest for the truth.

My thoughts:
I liked the setting. We don't often get books advertised that are set in Australia and although Giuseppe had planned to emigrate from Italy to New York, fate took a turn and he eventually ended up down under. I also liked the story but found it a little choppy. Just as I was getting into the story about Giuseppe, it jumped to present day and with a new set of characters. Maybe it was just me, but I found it confusing to keep up with everybody and their relationships. Di Morrissey's novels all seem to have interesting settings and I'll be looking out for more to read.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog....

Mmmmmm, this sounds delicious. Then and now. A devastating secret. Mmmmmmmm, yes!!!!! Thank you.

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Katherines Corner said...

A mystery, I love it! Hugs