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Friday, June 5, 2015

Night and Day by Ann Summerville

Book 3 of the Pecan Valley series is now available in print and for Kindle.

Not all is what it seems in Pecan Valley and Bea can’t quite put her finger on what is wrong. She’s hoping Marge won’t become a permanent house guest and encourages her to look for a new home, but while they are scouting the neighborhood they end up looking for more than a house for Marge. What Bea wants to uncover is the unsavory dealings of a ruthless realtor and a murderer that might put Bea on the list of victims.

(The first in the Pecan Valley Series, Grandmother's Flower Garden, e-book is currently 99c on Smashwords.Com)


Joanne said...

congrats on another in a fun series. Good luck on sales

Carole Anne Carr said...

Yes, good luck with those sales. You look so peaceful and content, writing your stories, very envious. My historical fiction for children is a battle for every word.