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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fort Worth Tornado - 2000

A friend reminded me that today is the 15 year anniversary of the tornado that ripped through Fort Worth. The tornado with winds of nearly 160 mph particularly caused major damage in the downtown Fort Worth area.

I was fortunate that I left the Bank One building where I worked (27th floor) and was home before the tornado came through. I had minor damage where I live. However, the downtown area was closed down for quite a while, fearing that broken glass falling from the buildings would injure people. Very few office buildings were able to open for business (we were housed in the gym of the Methodist Church for a while). Water damage was another problem where pipes burst. The Bank One building is now The Tower residential condominiums.

I remember it was very warm that day and I didn't hear the sirens at first because the air conditioner was running. Then the temperature dropped rapidly and the sky darkened with an eerie green color.

Bank One Building Fort Worth

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