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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kirking o' the Tartans

Sunday was the first time I'd attended a Kirking o' the Tartans service which seems to have generated not from Scottish Legend but originated after WWII in New York Presbyterian Church, Washington D.C.  as a blessing for Scottish/Americans. However, some think the blessing of the tartans may have resulted from the Act of Prosciption in 1716 which banned the wearing of Scottish Tartans and clansmen smuggled a small piece of tartan into Scottish churches to be blessed.
Regardless, it was a lovely service (accompanied by Scottish bagpipes) at 1st Presbyterian Church of Fort WorthReverend Douglas Stevenson was a guest from Cullen, Scotland where he  preaches at an 800 year old church. My dad was from Scotland and although he's been gone for a number of years, hearing a Scottish accent still brings a tear to my eye.

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Joanne said...

sounds very nice. I always like a bit of bagpipes. Glad you could have a memory of your dad and a touch of the auld sod in your heart.