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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mystery Author P.D. James

Mystery author P.D. James died this month at the age of 94. Her first book was published while she was in her 40s. At the time she was working full time, looking after two children and supporting a sick husband. The Queen, in 1991, gave her the title of Baroness.  P.D. James continued to write late in her life. She wrote her books by hand and then passed them on to her secretary to type the manuscripts.

I think I'm trying to write a realistic novel and murder is uniquely horrible, and I think this shock of finding the bodies is important, really. The reader should feel it.

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Joanne said...

I must admit I'm not aware of reading a P.D. James book, but surely I must have through these years. I must hit the library and get up to speed