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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner

I've heard a lot about The Blue Zones so jumped at the chance to hear someone speak about the zones at a local resident community.
There have been many studies on aging, one of which was the MacArthur Study which found that older people often withdrew from social roles as they aged when retiring from work and the family had left home. The ones that kept busy and volunteered or were part of a community fared better than those who stayed at home alone. The Blue Zones is an expanded world wide study that has researched areas where people live well into their 100s. Although most of the zones are islands, Loma Linda, California also is part of the Blue Zone where there is a high population of Seventh Day Adventists who tend to live a healthier lifestyle.
You may have heard that 10% of attitude is what happens to you and 90% is how you react to it. On the same principal 70% of your well being is not genetics, but is lifestyle.
Here are the keys to living a healthier life:
  1. Movement in a natural way. This doesn't have to be excessive workouts, it can be walking or gardening. Do what you love for physical exercise.
  2. Living with purpose. What do you look forward to when you wake up?
  3. Routines that shed stress. Meditation, praying
  4. Plant slanted diets. Fruit, vegetables, beans, lentils are the basics.
  5. Belonging to a community. Social circles that support healthy behavior. Volunteer or join a group with common interests.
  6. Friendships and relationships
Fort Worth is taking the fitness challenge. Take a look and see if your city is doing anything to encourage a healthier lifestyle for their community. Betsy Price, Mayor of Fort Worth is a big advocate of a healthy lifestyle and even conducts town hall meetings while bike riding around the town.


K9friend said...

Excellent advice. I've recently started wearing a pedometer and was shocked to see how sedentary I've become. Trying to do better !

Critter Alley

LindyLou Mac said...

Love this post! I am pleased to report that I seem to be following a fairly good path re lifestyle. :)