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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bishop's Palace, Galveston, Texas

At one time, Galveston Island was called the Wall Street of the Southwest and there were more millionaires per capita than any other city in the U.S. The mansions on Broadway are part of their legacy (although many did not survive the 1900 storm).
Bishop's Palace (1402 Broadway) was one that withstood that fateful night and our guide told us that over 200 people were rescued by a human chain from the doors of the mansion to the flooded street.
Built by the architect Nicholas Clayton for Walter Gresham and his wife Josephine, the house was later purchased by the Catholic Church and used as a residence for the Archbishop, Christopher Burn. It had been rented and restored by the Historical Foundation for several years and they were later able to raise enough money to purchase the property.
This mansion has been beautifully restored and furnishings are typical of 1892 when the building was completed. The Galveston Historical Foundation allows pictures to be taken both inside and outside the residence.

Pictures of Bishop's Palace here


Mason Canyon said...

Amazing that it withstood the storm. It looks like it would be a great backdrop for a mystery story. Beautiful mansion.

Joanne said...

The few times I've been to Galveston, I did not have the opportunity to visit this home. I love restored historical buildings. Shame Galveston is such a hike - Texas is too darn big