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Monday, April 21, 2014

Stolen Images and Using Watermarks

Have you ever posted a picture on your blog and then found it on someone's web site? That happened to me recently when my daughter found a picture of one of her rooms on a web site that had the audacity to state that all their pictures were copyrighted and couldn't be reproduced/copied from their site. The picture was from one of my other blogs (A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned). I've since added a watermark.

To see if any of your images have been used elsewhere:

Right click on the image and copy the image URL

Select Google Images

Click on camera (next to search box)

Paste (CTRL V) the URL address

I was surprised that this picture has been posted in numerous places. Be especially careful if you are posting family pictures.

It might be wise to add a watermark.

To add a watermark to a picture
If you use Paint (under accessories in your program list) it's quite easy.

From the color pallet select the color for your text. Click on the text button (A), then click on the last icon (which will put the text in without background color. There will be a + on your picture, drag the box to expand the size you want and type in your text.

After you've entered your text, you may move it by clicking on the select icon (rectangle on the top of the icon list), outlining your text and dragging it.


Mason Canyon said...

I've seen photos on different blogs before and wondered where the photos originally came from. It's sad that someone would claim your daughter's photo. I didn't know about checking to see if your own images have been reused. I'll have to check that out. I've started using watermarks on some of my photos. Very informative post, thanks.

Joanne said...

good info. It is indeed way too easy to grab pics. I'm guilty if Maria posts a cute one of Makyla - I can nab it.

BookQuoter said...

Having just discovered that I lost my domain name, I can see how this can so easily also happen. Thanks for the info, I should check my photos too.

K9friend said...

Wow, that's good information to have. Thanks, Ann.

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