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Friday, April 25, 2014

Forget me Knot by Mary Marks

Forget me Knot by Mary Marks was a delightful read. It's a cozy mystery with a little romance thrown in. After finding a member of their quilting group dead and three of the members' quilts are stolen, Martha sets out to find both her missing quilt and the murderer.

My thoughts:
As a quilter, I loved all the little quilting tips scattered throughout the book and enjoyed the camaraderie of her friendship with Lucy and Birdie. The plot was well developed and her investigative process was very original. She uses a very unusual way to uncover the crime through hidden messages. I won't say more otherwise I'll spoil the plot.

This is another one for my favorite reads of 2014.

1 comment:

Mason Canyon said...

This is a fun read. The cover just draws you right in and you want to start quilting.