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Monday, March 24, 2014

High Tide - Cozy Mystery Coupon

For 75% off High Tide e-book (good until April 10), go to Smashwords.com and enter 
coupon code  EX66B at check out

High Tide is the second book in the Lowenna Series

High Tide 

Giovanna Matthews settles happily into the English west country village of Lowenna, but a storm is about to rock her world. Distressing the ladies from the knitting circle, a body drifts in with a high tide. Unconvinced the death is an accident, Gia leaves no pebble unturned while sleuthing her way around the village. Her delving further disrupts village life much to the distress of many villagers who want every rock to stay firmly in place. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, David, has an unwelcome visitor who threatens to unravel the bonds that tie him and Gia. Can Gia solve the mystery and encourage the visitor to leave before her anchor in the village is uprooted and she too is cast out to sea? 


Joanne said...

I already have a copy and have read this book - it's a great read. Hope folks take advantage of the coupon. Good luck

Mason Canyon said...

A great deal on an awesome book. Very enjoyable read.

K9friend said...

Sounds like a great deal!

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