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Friday, February 21, 2014

Sweet Masterpiece by Connie Shelton

PictureIn Sweet Masterpiece Samantha Sweet, with the perfect name for a pastry shop, dreams of having her own, but in the meantime she earns her living making cookies for the murder mystery book club, wedding cakes and other delicious pastries for special events. To subsidize her income she also works for the USDA cleaning homes of rural houses that are in foreclosure. It's at one of these that she finds a mound in the back yard which uncovers not only a body but a slew of secrets.

Connie Shelton does a great job at setting the reader in the Taos area of New Mexico and the mystery and characters draw you into the story with twists and turns that involve the legacy of a famous painter, a magic box left to her by the local witch and her attraction to the police detective.

This was a free book for Kindle and I've taken advantage of the many free books available to try out new authors. Although mild, I didn't particularly like the paranormal activity and probably wouldn't have chosen the book if I'd noticed that it was categorized as such.


Joanne said...

good review. I'm not big on the paranormal world either. But it sounds like it was decent writing, so for "free" how can one complain?

Mason Canyon said...

Enjoyed your review. Sounds like an interesting job for the protagonist that would get her into some most unusual places. Thanks for the introduction, I'll have to check it out.