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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Watoto Children's Choir

The Watoto Children's Choir was in Weatherford on Friday, performing at Northside Baptist Church and we were fortunate to go with one of my daughter's friends who is from Uganda and has family living close to one of the Watoto Children's Villages. She explained how the children live in a home with a house mother and 11 boys and 11 girls are chosen for a choir each year (along with 9 adults) to tour different countries (there are many groups touring at the same time). It gives them a chance to meet people who are sponsoring them and experience a little of the world outside Uganda.
These children have lost their parents and many were living in appalling conditions on the streets before they were brought to the villages where they are taught to be self-sufficient and encouraged to work on their education. Many have gone on to professions such as doctors and attorneys. It's an amazing concept developed by Gary and Marilyn Skinner. The children are energetic and happy and grateful that they have found a home where they are loved.

Look out for their schedule in your town. The choreography and music is amazing and it's impossible to leave the concert without a renewed energy and a sense of joy that's reflected from the children.

This is a worthwhile organization to become part of. Take a look at the Watoto site.

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Joanne said...

very fun and uplifting indeed. You find unique stuff to do and see. Very nice.