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Sunday, January 26, 2014

To the Manner Born by Thomas Blaikie

To the Manner Born is a phrase conjuring up English nobility and members of the upper class who use proper etiquette, much like the cast of Downton Abbey. Thomas Blaikie's book To the Manner Born A Most Proper Guide to Modern Civility covers some of the logical and illogical rules that we sometimes absentmindedly follow. For instance we all know it is polite to say "Thank You" when someone holds a door open, but what if you are in a maze of fire department requirement doors that appear every few yards and you are following someone? Do you say it each time or does once suffice? What about the newer etiquette problems? Should you start an e-mail with "Dear so and so" or treat it as a memorandum without salutations? What about texting? Thomas Blaikie covers, with humor, a multitude of modern etiquette problems both social and in the office where he states If it isn't yours don't take it.  Which seems good advice in any situation.

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