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Friday, December 27, 2013

Recharging Kindle Battery

If you received a new Kindle for Christmas, you may find that there was only a charger for use with your computer (USB cable) included. There are lots of forums that discuss using a phone charger for your Kindle. The general consensus is that you can use another charger (your phone charger should work) if it is 5v (i-Pad charger is not recommended).
I'm using the adapter/charger that came with my LG Xpression phone.

Also, if you use the USB cable with your computer, you may find that not all USB ports will act as a charger. See report here.

Amazon has detailed information on using and charging your Kindle here.

If you have any other Kindle tips, I'd love for you to leave a comment.

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Indigo Blue said...

This is a bit complicated and disappointing for those looking forward to this as a present. I bought mine from PC world and it came with a charger which plugs into the mains! I did not buy it from Amazon. So popping over to PC world (UK only I think ) they may be able to help as well. Perhaps an electrical shop or computer outlet. Take your kindle with you. The slot in my kindle for the power cable is similar to that of some digital cameras.
Hope this helps a little.