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Sunday, November 24, 2013

JFK Memorial Fort Worth

Before President Kennedy's fateful visit to Dallas, he stayed overnight at the Hotel Texas (now part of the Hilton chain). Beside the hotel is a Kennedy Memorial. The JFK Tribute was opened in November 2012.
Despite the wind and rain we wandered around Fort Worth yesterday and visited the memorial, a day not unlike the one 50 years ago when President Kennedy addressed the crowd at this spot before returning to the hotel for a Chamber of Commerce Breakfast.

A view of the JFK Memorial from the hotel


Nan said...

Thank you so very much for featuring this. It is wonderful.

Joanne said...

I personally think the Ft.Worth tribute to JFK is far superior to the Dallas one. And of course, the eternal flame at Arlington National Cemetery is the most touching.

Daisy said...

It's a beautiful place in honor of a great man. His death was such a tragedy for our country.

K9friend said...

I visited the spot where the assassination took place about 5 years after it happened. It amazed me to see how many people milled about taking pictures, as though the tragedy had happened only yesterday.

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