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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Texas Towns - Archer City

In the otherwise nondescript Texas town of Archer City, where Larry McMurtry resides, there are two bookstores housing thousands of books. These have been collected over the years by Larry McMurtry and even after auctioning 300,000 volumns and closing two of the bookstores, there are still thousands to peruse. The stores do not have fancy names and are simply Bookstore 1 and Bookstore 2. The theater which was filmed for Larry McMurtry's Last Picture Show still stands and the surrounding countryside was reminiscent of the Lonesome Dove series.  While we were there we thought they may have been filming another movie as we saw convicts wearing prison garb of black and white horizontal stripes, but they were simply mowing the grass outside City Hall.


So many books, so little time said...

Utterly stunning picture, I love old books and any kind of books shops. Ones with old books though are something special!


Joanne said...

As a writer, Archer City should be a required place to visit. I have not been there, but it's on my to go list.