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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Read and Buried by Erika Chase

This is the first cozy I've read by Erika Chase

Award-winning novelist Derek Alton should have been the featured guest at the December meeting of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society. Instead, he turned up dead on Lizzie Turner’s living room carpet.
            But this was Derek Alton ‘s first visit to Ashton Corners, so who would have wanted him dead? Surely not Sally-Jo Baker, Lizzie’s cohort and good friend! But the police have her heading the suspect list.
            That sets Lizzie and her book club sleuths into action, searching for someone else who knew Alton; someone who’d rather kill him than read him. She’s certain the answer lies in Alton’s hidden past as the clues start hinting at another name, another life and more lovers than just his wife.
            And just who are all those women calling Lizzie to ask about the plot for Alton’s new book?  
            Lizzie tackles long-hidden secrets, a jealous police chief, and a murderer using her for target practice in this second Ashton Corners Book Club mystery.

My thoughts:
This started off slow with a lot of repetition and although it was set during the Christmas season, it didn't have the feel of a "holiday" book. 
It did end up having a good plot and I liked Lizzie, the main character.

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