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Friday, September 13, 2013

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey

If you're a fan of the TV series, Downton Abbey, you'll recognize much of the history of Highclere Castle which was woven into the series. Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey is a biography of Almina Carnarvon, the illegitimate daughter of Alfred de Rothschild. Much of the biography (written by The Countess of Carnarvon) takes place during WWI. Lady Almina welcomed injured soldiers for care and convalescence after returning fron the front lines. The book is interesting not only because of its association with Downton Abbey, but also because of it's overview of English country homes at the turn of the last century. Lady Almina's husband the Earl of Carnarvon was instrumental in uncovering tombs in Egypt and together with Howard Carter discovered the Tomb of Tutankhamen.
This was a good choice for our book club to read.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Yes, a fascinating choice, given the interest in the programme and the tomb find that is still amazing people with the contents.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds GREAT..thanks, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

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So many books, so little time said...

It is a show I have never seen but heard so much about it. Will need to check it out sometime.

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