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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Typewriter Girl by Alison Atlee

I was intrigued by the many reviews I've seen lately of The Typewriter Girl by Alison Atlee and also the seaside town setting on the English coast not far from London. Bournemouth apparently, was one of the  towns used to describe Idensea The story begins with Betsey Dobson leaving her position as a typewriter girl in a London company where she worked in a typing pool and her journey to a small seaside town where she is offered a position as manager for the Idensea Pier and Pleasure Building Company. I found Betsey to be a confusing character. One minute she is bold, the next she is close to tears. I haven't finished reading this yet, so I hope that her character becomes clearer as time goes on. One thing that bothered me is some of the crude language which I thought inappropriate and unnecessary along with her constant sexual exploits.

From the cover:
When Betsey disembarks from the London train in the seaside resort of Idensea, all she owns is a small valise and a canary in a cage. After attempting to forge a letter of reference she knew would be denied her, Betsey has been fired from the typing pool of her previous employer. Her vigorous protest left one man wounded, another jilted,and her character permanently besmirched. Now, without money or a reference for her promised job, the future looks even bleaker than the debacle left behind her. But her life is about to change . . . because a young Welshman on the railroad quay, waiting for another woman, is the one man willing to believe in her.


Carole Anne Carr said...

I'm afraid there is a ready market for crude comments etc. Sad.

Shirley said...

I'm with you and Carole on the matter of crude language in literature. I'll pass on this, though I had been interested previously. Your review has steered me away from wasting my time on a book which would surely leave a bad response.