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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Plain Scandal by Amanda Flower

Amanda Flower has stopped by today to tell us about A Plain Scandal, her latest Appleseed Creek Mystery and answer a few questions that her readers are sure to want to know the answers to.

1. Tell us a little about “A Plain Scandal?”
 In A Plain Scandal, the Amish in the quiet Appleseed Creek community are under attack. An unknown assailant is cutting off the long hair of Amish women and the beards of Amish men. Computer specialist, Chloe Humphrey, is alarmed over the crimes against the Amish and worries over how the events will impact the Troyer family, especially her housemate Becky and Becky’s older brother Timothy. Her anxiety increases when she discovers the body of an Amish businessman, who had been stabbed in the back and his beard cut off. Now, Chloe and her friends must find the culprit behind the hair-cutting before someone else pays the ultimate price.

2. Which authors inspire you?
So many authors inspire me, but I can think in two in particular. The first is Vannetta Chapman. Vannetta and I both started at the same small publishing house, and it’s been amazing to see her journey for these last few years. She tries new things to get the word out about her books and shares what she learns. The second would be Heather Webber (AKA Heather Blake). When I was a brand new author, I heard her say, “Always be working on something new.” I think her point was you never know what the publishers will decide about a series, so be ready with another project to pitch. I took that to heart and am currently writing three mystery series for three different publishers.

3. What are you working on next?
 Currently, I’m editing the fourth Appleseed Creek Mystery, A Plain Malice. It will release in 2014. Book three, A Plain Disappearance, will release September 2013.

In addition to the Appleseed Creek series, I write Amish cozies for New American Library/Penguin under the pen name Isabella Alan. My first NAL novel, Murder, Plain and Simple, will release in September 2013. I have also been contracted to write children’s mysteries for Zondervan. Those will debut in 2014.

 4. Tell us a little about you.
 I live in northeast Ohio and am an academic librarian for a small college near Cleveland. I spend most of my time working at the library or writing my next mystery. I also love to travel. I’ll go anywhere from Rapid City, South Dakota to Jerusalem, Israel.
5. What's one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?
  Don’t give up. I tried to get published for nine years before my debut novel, Maid of Murder, released. Many times, I wanted to quit but to quit would be to lose a part of myself because being a writer is who I am. I can’t help being one. I kept going, and that first novel was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel.

6. What's your favorite season/weather?
 If you would have asked me several years ago, I would have said winter because I do love how pretty snow can be and enjoy cross country skiing. However, the last six years I have worked at a library in the Lake Erie Snowbelt. Lake effect snow is no joke, and driving through it is an adventure. Now, my favorite season is summer because my commute is a breeze and I love warm sunshine.

7. Who do you imagine is your reader?
 I imagine it is someone who’s looking for a light fun read that will make them smile or even chuckle.

However when I am writing, I think most about my agent, Nicole Resciniti, and what she would like to see. She has amazing instincts on what makes a good novel and pushes me to write it. If she tells me it’s good, I believe her. If she tells me it needs work, I believe her too. She’s the ultimate litmus test.

8. Where is “A Plain Scandal” available?
 “A Plain Scandal” is available anywhere books are sold. My Welcome Page to my Facebook Page has some great quick links. You can also find them on my website, www.amandaflower.com. However, it is available at your local library too. If it’s not, ask your library to order it, so that you can read and so can those in your community for free. I’m a librarian, so I love hearing people found my books in the library.

9. How can readers find out more about you?
 Readers can learn more about me on my website, www.amandaflower.com, or through social media. I love connecting with readers through Facebook and Twitter.

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Thanks for stopping by Amanda. I can't wait to read A Plain Scandal.


K9friend said...

I always enjoy hearing about a writer's process. Thanks for an enjoyable interview!

Critter Alley

Vannetta Chapman said...

That inspiration flows 2 ways, my friends. I'm so stinking proud of you! :) Blessings,

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Great interview, now I need to go read the book! I have family in Oberlin, OH and they do have some nasty winters. But other times of the year make up for it. :-)