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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Clubs

I was recently invited to a local book club (they read A Graceful Death). Book clubs are a great way for authors to meet with readers. You may notice that they also had a prop on the table, but if you haven't read the book, I'm not going to give anything away and tell you what it is.
The main question I'm always asked is if Lowenna is a real village, and the answer is no. But it is a combination of several villages - mainly Perranporth, St. Agnes, Trevaunance Cove (the cover on High Tide is of Trevaunance Cove).
They also wanted to know why I chose not to use British sayings, slang and dialect. When I first started reading A Graceful Death to a critique group, I noticed they were confused with some of the language I used. I decided to write with a setting in England, but for an American audience and hopefully enough to give them a sense of setting without disrupting their reading with words or phrases they didn't understand. We had a lively discussion about the cozy mystery genre and finished the evening drinking Earl Gray tea and eating delicious scones with clotted cream.

If you belong to a book club and know any local authors, invite them to one of your meetings or look out for local writing groups, there are sure to be many published authors who would love to meet with you.


Joanne said...

looks like a fun group and very welcoming. Your book series lends itself to a nice gathering - tea, scones, but no murders allowed. Only in the books.

K9friend said...

What a fun way for a writer to meet and get feedback from readers.

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