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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gaylord, Texan - Ice Sculptures

Each year the Gaylord, Texan resort houses ice sculptures and this year they are based on the Madagascar characters. Forty artisans are brought to Texas from China (where they make the  sculptures for the Chinese Ice Festival) and they spend a month sculpting ice for the Gaylord's holiday attraction.
ICE! featuring DreamWorks' Merry Madagascar

This was a family outing and getting everyone ready was an ordeal, especially as we were given conflicting information when we called.

If you have young children be aware that you can't take strollers into the exhibition. If you have babies, dress them warmly. You are given insulated coats to wear and we opted for a larger size so that we could wrap them around ourselves and the twins. (There aren't coats provided small enough for babies.) Make sure you ask for parking validation when you get to the event. Parking is free for those attending the sculpture exhibit or eating at the many restaurants around the Riverwalk.

The Gaylord is a great place to visit, especially this time of year (you can experience a virtual walk through here). There are lots of places for photo opportunities and the children love watching the miniature trains, looking at all the decorations or watching the koi in the river.

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K9friend said...

Wow, that looks amazing...and very, very cold!

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