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Monday, July 9, 2012

An Unexpected Guest by Anne Korkeakivi

For me, An Unexpected Guest by Anne Korkeakivi was a quick read. Not that it was a short book. At nearly 280 pages it would normally take me longer to read, but the story gripped me from beginning to end. And the novel, with a Paris backdrop, includes lovely descriptions and interactions with characters from different countries. 

A big thank you to Mason Canyon at Thoughts in Progress - I was a winner of her book giveaway. You can read her review here 

On a lovely spring day in Paris – post-9/11 and several months after the London Underground bombings — Clare Moorhouse, the Irish-American wife of a high-ranking British diplomat, is arranging an official dinner crucial to her husband’s career. As she shops for fresh stalks of asparagus and works out the menu and seating arrangements, her day is complicated by the abrupt arrival of her son from boarding school in England and a random encounter with a man on the street, who may be a suspected terrorist. More unnerving still is a recurring face in the crowd, one that belonged to another, darker era of her life. But it can’t be him…


Nan said...

Wow. What a passage. I'll look into this. Thanks.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I like the sound of this and will add it to my wishlist.

Mason Canyon said...

Ann, thanks so much for the shout out. I'm glad you enjoy the book. It is an intriguing read and the Paris backdrop just adds another layer to enjoy.

Thoughts in Progress

Carol Kilgore said...

Ooh, I'm going to look into this book a little more. Thanks.