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Saturday, June 23, 2012

National Geographic

I found this National Geographic magazine among some old papers. It's dated June 1971. What I found most fascinating was the advertising.

Kodak - Anyone can get Kodak color developing - just ask for it. (Remember when you had to wait for a film to be developed to see if you chopped someone's head off?)

AT&T - 370 roadside emergency telephones are helping to make Interstate 80 one of the safest highways in the state. Each yellow call box is connected to one of five State Police stations in the area. (Does anyone use public phones these days?)

Cadillac - It turns out to be as practical as it is beautiful (Not very practical with today's gas prices).

And the articles:
Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail - Breathtaking pictures of the trail from San Diego to the Canadian border.

Mesa del Nayar's Strange Holy Week - The Cora Tribe who live in a village nestled in the highlands of Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental. celebrate Holy Week.

The Louvre - A Paris treasury of art (before the glass pyramid was built).

Morocco - Land of the Farthest West - From the bazaars to the Blue MenThomas J. Abercrombie brings the sights of Morocco to life through his vivid photographs and detailed article.

 Barehanded Battle to Cleanse the Bay - The sad and tragic oil spill in the San Francisco Bay.


Jo said...

The advertisements do sound entertaining. I especially like the AT&T roadside emergency telephones ad.

Joanne said...

Nifty blast from the past. Wow. Times have changed quickly

eArnie Painter said...

What I find amusing is the subtle smug feeling that the advertisers convey at being so ahead of the technology game.