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Friday, June 1, 2012

Gwinnel Gardens by Ann Summerville and Giveaway

Gwinnel Gardens, the third cozy mystery in the Lowenna series is now available on Amazon.

It wasn’t unusual for retirees in Lowenna to succumb to death during the winter months in Lowenna, but while Gia and her friend, Holly, worked on restoring the overgrown Gwinnel Gardens, they noticed there were an increasing number of services at the crematorium in the valley. After hearing the President of Gwinnel Gardens had died unexpectedly, Gia dug in her heels and decided to investigate. After all, this was a great way to avoid plans for her upcoming wedding in which everyone seemed to have an idea of what she should wear. But unless she found out quickly who was behind the sudden deaths would someone close to Gia be the next victim?

Lowenna Series for Kindle
(other versions available on Smashwords.com or in print)
A Graceful Death
High Tide
Gwinnel Gardens

Book Giveaway -
A Graceful Death, the first in the Lowenna series, is available free for Kindle until June 5

Opening to the first page of Gwinnel Gardens is like sitting down to tea with old friends you'd missed seeing for a while.

Set in the charming Cornish village of Lowenna, Ann Summerville's latest book in the Lowenna Series, reintroduces our favorite characters--Gia, Holly, Susan and Rose--whom we first met in Storms and Secrets and High Tide.

This time, Gia is busy planning her upcoming wedding, but becomes increasingly concerned by the number of local retirees who are dying and being transported to the local crematorium. Soon she is once again investigating what she perceives as criminal activity and this time focuses on some of the very people one would expect to protect rather than endanger the lives of the villagers.

For anyone new to this series, let me recommend Ann Summerville as one of the most talented and creative writers of cozy mysteries. 


Joanne said...

Can't wait to read this - I love the ladies of Lowenna. Wonder what trouble they've gotten into this time? I'm sure the answers will unfold nicely in your well paced manner of writing.

Congrats on another book

K9friend said...

Fantastic, Ann! Congratulations on yet another wonderful book!

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